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IRS Tax Controversy

Have you received a notice from the IRS notifying you that your or your business is being audited? How about that your return was reviewed and you are “deficient” on the amount of taxes paid and owe more money? Have you been ignoring letters from the IRS and have now received a notice that the IRS intends to levy your bank account? Or did you just receive a knock on the door from an IRS Agent demanding you provide a laundry list of documents to them in the next 30 days?

All of these situations are stressful, but they don’t have to overtake your life or end with you accepting a tax liability that you don’t feel you owe nor can afford to pay.

Dustin Whittenburg has spent the last two decades representing taxpayers and businesses with tax issues at the local, state, and federal level. Regardless of the complexity of your case, Dustin Whittenburg and Associates can help. Dustin and his team are seasoned pros at assisting taxpayers and business with audits, dealing with IRS and other tax collection agencies, negotiating settlements and representing taxpayers in the United States District Fourth for the Northern District of Texas, The United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, U.S. Tax Court and U.S. Court of Appeals.

Call Dustin Whittenburg & Associates today to schedule a consultation to learn the issues at play and your options and timeline according to the tax code today.

Stop IRS Wage Garnishment

The IRS can take your paycheck directly from your employer when you don’t pay overdue taxes. The IRS does not need a court order to garnish your wages. Don’t take your chances, if you receive a letter from the IRS threatening wage garnishment, take it seriously. The government does.

Once notified, your employer must comply or face penalties. Depending on how you filed your taxes, the IRS can take all but $482.69 of your bi-weekly paycheck, if you are filing single and claim zero dependents. This isn’t enough for you to pay your rent. Don’t wait until your paycheck is taken. An experienced, knowledgeable tax attorney can stop the IRS from garnishing your wages and will help you create a payment plan you can afford.

Dustin Whittenburg will provide you with tailored advice and representation to help resolve the tax debt and stop wage garnishment. Depending on your situation, The Law Office of Dustin Whittenburg will work with the IRS to resolve your tax problem and stop the garnishment of wages while negotiating with the IRS on your behalf.

Don’t wait until your paycheck is taken from you. Call today to learn more about your options.

Master of Laws Degree

Specializing in Taxation

Dustin Whittenburg began his studies at Texas Tech University, graduating with a degree in Accounting from the Rawls College of Business. He then received his law degree with a focus on taxation from the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University. Dustin then went on to receive his Master of Laws Degree in Taxation from the prestigious New York University.

Dustin specializes in representing individuals, privately held business interests, non-profits, and other types of taxpayers before the IRS and Texas Comptroller in audits, appeals, and enforced collections and defends clients before the U.S. Tax Court and U.S. District Court.

Dustin Whittenburg was first elected to the prestigious Super Lawyers® list for Tax Attorneys in 2012 as a Rising Star and as a Super Lawyer in 2021 and 2022. The Super Lawyers® patented selection process is peer influenced and research driven, selecting the top 5% of attorneys to the Super Lawyers® list each year.

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